MSI Reflections (ft. Mac) | EUphoria | 2021 MSI Special EP4

05.25.2021 - By EUphoria Podcast

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Ender joins Drakos and Caedrel to reflect on MSI and to discuss the LEC Summer Season, Worlds and beyond.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Good Morning Ender

MSI Finals Recap
1:46 Start of segment
2:24 DK vs. RNG
5:15 ShowMakers champion pool
6:38 Old champions
8:55 Remove 3 champions for Summer Split
13:08 DK vs. MAD

Interview with Mac
19:49 Start of segment
19:59 Thoughts after the series
21:11 After Game 4
22:34 International experience
23:48 MAD now compared to Worlds last year
25:12 Summer Split expectations

26:19 Start of segment
28:09 Getting KaBuM!ed
29:52 MAD evaluation
32:11 Looking back Spring Split
34:16 Looking forward Worlds Group Stage
40:41 Favourite imaginary Worlds group

Roster Rumours
43:23 Start of segment
44:03 FNC VIT

50:28 Start of segment
50:37 Goodbye Ender
54:07 Outro

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