MT Nesters Podcast

By Nancy Tepper & Felicia Madison

What's MT Nesters Podcast about?

MT Nesters is a podcast designed to help inspire, motivate and educate Moms and Dads during this challenging and exciting chapter in life. We will be interviewing guests on the podcast that are either experts in relevant fields, i.e. retirement, financial management, beauty, marriage, health, parenting, or MT Nesters with inspiring stories. In addition, MT Nesters will offer stories, remedies, advice and fun activities.

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Susan Feldman, Founder of I...


Susan Feldman is the founder of In The Groove, a new life-style destination for age-defying women. In The Groove is a community that celebrates and engages these women as the evolving and relevant women they are. Founded with a sense ...

MT Nesters Podcast episodes: