Ep. 44: Muscular Dystrophy Cannot Stop Ryan Levinson of Two Afloat Sailing Interviewed by Linus Wilson

01.04.2018 - By Slow Boat Sailing Podcast

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Ryan and Nicole Levinson left San Diego threw off the dock lines in San Diego and sailed to Mexico and French Polynesia. Ryan is an accomplished athlete and trained for the special olympics in sailing. Despite being in his mid forties his FSH Muscular Dystrophy is eating away at his muscle mass and limiting many activities which he used to be an expert in like surfing. Ryan and Nicole have been cruising French Polynesia for three years and Linus Wilson spoke to them in Tahiti in January 2017. You can see Ryan in our lates round the world vlog S2E6 available right now:
⛵️ Sailing La Vagabonde's Inspiration, Two Afloat Sailing in Tahiti,  S2E6
Linus leaves the Slow Boat in Atuona, Hiva Oa in the Marquesas and flies to Tahiti where he meets up with the crew of Two Afloat Sailing, Ryan and Nicole Levinson in Papeete Marina. Ryan Levinson was a guest on the Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube channel where he also talked about his FSH Muscular Dystrophy and how his illness encouraged he and his wife to cross the Pacific in a small sailboat. Ryan tells how he copes with his illness while at sea and how he keeps sailing the South Pacific. Ryan and Nicole talk about a bad experience while anchoring with short scope and on a weedy bottom.
Linus gives you the low down on the Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) airport, and the Tahiti Airport Hotel, before he flies back to the USA by way of LAX airport. Linus searches for data SIM cards and propane adapters while he is in the capital of French Polynesia.
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