Music, Spirituality and Ancient Mysteries Unearthed: Chris Noble | S3 E2

11.30.2021 - By Life Continuing

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Chris Noble is a composer, film producer and photographer living in Vancouver, Canada. His artistic background is in composing musical scores for film, writing healing/meditation music, filming short films, documentaries & commercial photography.One of his major projects now is writing 'wellness' music (healing/meditative music), which essentially is music composed with the intent of specific healing from things like stress, anxiety, fear, etc, as well as creating functional outcomes such as deep sleep, meditation and concentration.Chris is also creating a project called Ancient Mysteries Unearthed which explores an alternative history of the world through archeology. This will entail speaking with historical and archaeological experts, podcast interviews and a community for like minded people who love this subject as much as Chris does. In this episode, Chris shares about his creative background and his spiritual experience that awakened him to create functional music for healing and meditation. For more information please visit: ( ( ( (***************************LIFE CONTINUING Instagram:   @lifecontinuingpodcast ( (   Creator: Tania Berg   Advisor: Amanda Cupido   Music: Richard Feren   Editor: Cathy OrdPromo VO: Leslie Fear

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