214: Narrative Arc Framework to Help You Write Better Stories

10.02.2020 - By Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

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Researching for ways to improve my writing, I came across a "Masterclass" on the Narrative Story Arc. In this episode, I share an overview of what the Masterclass goes over with the hopes of inspiring you to apply it to your writing for... ...books ...emails ...social media posts ..."about me" pages even! The human brain is drawn into stories. But sometimes it's hard to know how to 'craft' them. Follow this breakdown written below and shared in audio in this podcast episode. Even though it is for fiction, we can learn a lot from it and apply it to our nonfiction writing as well. Can't wait to hear what stories you cook up! Source for this episode and to learn even more on the topic: https://www.masterclass.com/articles/what-are-the-elements-of-a-narrative-arc-and-how-do-you-create-one-in-writing#what-is-the-difference-between-a-narrative-arc-and-a-character-arc   See full details at copythatpops.com/214   Take Action Now on Your Bestselling Book! TRAINING on hitting Amazon bestseller [free] COMMUNITY of new and growing nonfiction authors! [free] ACCELERATOR: Write a great book & hit bestseller! [not free ;)]

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