Episode 9: Native American Mythology: Please Don't Eat Me

10.06.2018 - By World Mythology

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Yes. Please please please don't eat me. I'm too... er... tough! Yeah, I'm definitely too tough.

This week, on World Mythology, we're diving into some of the weird and wacky stories of Native American Mythology. You'll see why you shouldn't make an ash cake, and how being called "Thick-head," will actually help you out in the end.

The Man-Eating-Wife, The Little Old Woman, and The Morning Star: https://fairytalez.com/man-eating-wife-little-old-woman-morning-star/

The Boy Who Was Called Thick-head: https://fairytalez.com/boy-called-thick-head/

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Kai Engel: Better Way
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Ketsa: Winds Howl
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