Neuro Lifestyle: Brain and Lifestyle Hacks For Self-Improvement

By Dr Brady Salcido, Brain Optimization Expert, Brain Hacker

What's Neuro Lifestyle: Brain and Lifestyle Hacks For Self-Improvement about?

Building The Ultimate High Performance Brain! The Neuro Lifestyle is modern, engaging, and fun show blending health and performance with self improvement and personal development to unleash your brain and mind's full potential for energy, productivity, motivation, success, health, and more. Learn from experts around the world as they share tools, tips, and resources to upgrade your brain and mind through simple and advanced strategies design to help you fuel your brain and your mind. Topic include: mindset, self improvement, intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, nootropics, meditation, biohacking, brain hacking, technology,, productivity, sleep, and more!

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Merry Christmas! No new episode this week, BUT I have a very special announcement I want to share with you all + want to share some exciting things happening in 2018!