Episode 4: No Man’s Land

06.14.2016 - By Code Grey(s)

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In this episode we cover: Nurse Liz Fallon, the first really tragic casualty of Grey's Anatomy (2:30)...the complicated mythology of Ellis Grey (9:30)...the depressing reality of Meredith Grey's life (14:30)...our own complete lack of resilience in the face of any kind of danger/disappointment (20:20)...the ongoing sexual harassment of Izzie Stevens and the climactic reveal of Bethany Whisper (25:00)...Izzie's empowered clapback (31:15)...our lack of empathy for "emasculated" male characters (38:20)...OUR BITS (44:00) including our contentious choice for 007 (50:20) and Megan's introduction of The Karev Award for Biggest Asshole of the Episode (53:00)...plus why Yang has an episode-long boner for a Whipple procedure (54:45).

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