No Pants Record Store Shopping

04.17.2016 - By Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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The infamous tweet sessions have now come to life in podcast form. Here I play some of my picks from my monthly hashtag NoPantsRecordStoreShopping. With music from all across the globe and of course a messy playlist of sorts. If you like this segment and want it to be a regular thing throw me an email, tweet or shout over the big ass pond and let me know.

if you hate twitter (I don’t blame you its a time suck vacuum) you can always get the list at my patreon site. I post them at least a week after the tweet session. And yes it’s all hyper linked so you don’t have to do any searching.

Correction Andy Quick Unidentified Flying Orchestra is on a compilation called Monkey Brains but it is from Ape Records.

The Playlist

Kalle Mattson – Avalanche
Eradicator – Eradicator
Metal Styx – From the Depths of the Sea
Saucyhorn – Chicano U -Turn
The Gnarly Ones – The Storm Catcher
Gotye – Easy Way Out
Tenement – Blast Exhaust
The Defekters – Go
The Flintettes – It Could Have Been Love
Gaoler s Daughter – Call The Doctor
Futuro – U Ultima Peca
The Boston Shakers – The Best Things In Life For Free
Andy Quicks Unidentified Flying Orchestra – New Favourite Dream
LDA – Click and Slides
Joe Strummer – Gangsterville

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