Nomads at the Intersections

By Ravel Media, Diversify Vanlife

What's Nomads at the Intersections about?

Life on the road from the feminine perspective. In partnership with She Explores, Laura Hughes will bring you closer to some of the honest experiences that life on the road has to offer from the perspective of women who've lived it firsthand, all while learning the ropes herself in a Ford Transit Van. Find out what life is like when the road becomes your home.

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Bonus Catch-up with Giddi Oteo


Catch-up with Giddi Oteo, a former full-time road traveler turned incredible businesswoman. Giddi was last on the podcast in its previous format just as the world shut down. Giddi and Anaïs catch up on what it's been like as a ...

Nomads at the Intersections episodes: