NPTE Clinical Files | Physical Therapy

By Kyle Rice

What's NPTE Clinical Files | Physical Therapy about?

NPTE Clinical Files is a podcast from the creator of Dominating the NPTE, hosted by Kyle Rice. NPTE Clinical Files explains a true clinical scenario in the form of a mock NPTE-based question. Each question is followed by a set of answer choices, where Dr. Kyle Rice explains the right answer with a detailed rationale. Each season covers all of the major systems and topics found in physical therapy and likely to be found on an NPTE. NPTE Clinical Files gives the Physical Therapist a weekly opportunity to solve clinical puzzles while learning the latest research related to the topic. Support this podcast:

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Jeroomie presents with suspected hypovolemia after a long outing in the sun. Which of the following is the MOST anticipated finding: A. Arterial dilation B. Elevated heart rate with standing C. Bounding pulse D. Elevated central venous pressure LINKS MENTIONED: ...

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