ode to the cosmic voyager

10.29.2016 - By Spaceman’s Transmissions

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Now that we've managed to take in some new sights and sounds on our last detour, we must once again aboard the space pod for another dimensional thrust into galaxies of wonder and solace. Mental calibration is essential for a successful journey. Below are instructions for getting the most out of this particular session.----more---- You may perhaps notice that there are gradual shifts from one color to another, with each color representing a point of interest in our journey. Embrace these transformations with your mind's eye as this will create a backdrop of creative flow and a better understanding of those situations which impede your creativity. Your pilot for this journey will relay vital information that should not so much be heard as it is felt. Adjust accordingly.

Every mission at Spaceman's Transmissions is executed  first and foremost with the consideration to its listeners. Each individual's aural perception is dependent upon the magnitude of their surrender to the sonic tapestries. It is suggested that you do not operate heavy machinery when taking in this session in particular. Those susceptible to more gravitational pull within their minds and a wider mental galaxy in which to spread the music will benefit at a much higher rate. This is guaranteed. 

Please enjoy responsibly, and spread the word of Spaceman's Transmissions. Thanks for your choosing to travel with us, and please keep us in mind for your next intra- and inter-stellar voyage. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



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