On the Brighter Side ~ Marriage for Entrepreneurs

By On the Brighter Side, Monica Tanner

What's On the Brighter Side ~ Marriage for Entrepreneurs about?

Are you trying to start or grow a business? Do you ever feel disappointed in your progress, unsupported by your spouse or guilty that you’re not doing enough for your kids? Does inadequacy, overwhelm, or resentment creep in as you struggle to balance all your responsibilities… If you’ve ever felt any of these emotions, you are not alone.

Monica Tanner is a wife, mom of 4 kids, and a relationship and intimacy expert who understands what it’s like to want it all. Her specialty is empowering passionate entrepreneurs to prioritize their marriage in order to get the support they need from their family and crush their business goals. She’s on a mission to ensure that no one ever has to choose between their dedication to their family and their passion for their message.

Each week on this podcast, Monica interviews successful entrepreneurs about their experiences building their business and the sometimes messy lessons they learned along the way. She’s also sharing skills and strategies she’s developed in the trenches. Brand new episodes drop every Monday morning and will give you a proven, tested roadmap to creating a marriage that supports your business and a business that supports your marriage.

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188. 10 Tips to Ensure Date...


In this week's episode, I'm sharing 10 tips to ensure date night increases your intimate connection with your spouse. Weekly, non-negotiable date nights are one of the very BEST ways to keep your marriage thriving and healthy through every stage. ...

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