90. On the Lam

06.26.2019 - By The Secret Room | True Stories

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"My name is Sarah and my secret is I went on the run from the law when I was 17; I spent some time in jail, but thanks to a twist my criminal record isn’t connected to me.  Some might say I’m still on the lam…but I don’t see how it could catch up to me…" BETTER HELP Thanks Better Help.  Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/secret NOOM  What do you have to lose? Visit noom.com/secret to start your trial today. PODCAST TEAM Susie Lark, Sachelle Brooks and Alessandro Nigro. The Sound Engineer: Chet Music and Theme: Breakmaster Cylinder YOUR SECRET Submit your incredible secret at our website secretroompod.com. LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at SecretRoomPod.com!! Thank you for downloading the Secret Room. :)  ~ Ben

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