Ep. 388: Overcoming the Challenges of the Whitetail Rut

11.12.2020 - By Wired To Hunt Podcast

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Today on the show I'm joined by Tony Peterson, Justin Michau, and Charlie Williams to discuss how to handle the unique challenges of hunting the whitetail rut AND the story of my 2020 Back 40 buck.
Topics discussed:

What to do when warm weather strikes during the rut

Thoughts on saving spots for better weather during the rut VS being aggressive

Do other hunters really matter during the rut

What to do if you spook a buck at this time of year

The challenges of hunting small properties in November

The unique struggles of rut hunting on public land

The mental grind of the rut

Dealing with the high expectations of November

Handling social media comparisons

The story of our rut hunt this past week on the Back 40

How I killed my first drop tine buck

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