Parkland School Shooting Conspiracies, Russia Russia Russia, Black Panther |105|

02.24.2018 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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In this week's episode, John and Adam tackle the Parkland School Shooting conspiracies, the disinformation, and outright bullshit surrounding this tragic event. Shouts of "False Flag" and "Crisis Actor" are all too common these days and, far more often than not, without merit. We'll dissect these claims and, hopefully, contribute a little critical thinking to the conversation.  In the second half, John breaks down the recent Mueller indictments of the 13 so-called "Russian Trolls" who apparently had so much influence they were able to swing an entire election. This whole thing is starting to turn into a bad Hollywood comedy. And finally, Adam provides a brief explanation for all the recent Black Panther hype. Hint: Marketing. 

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