Part 17 & 18 Analysis: So...What Do We Do Now?

09.19.2017 - By The Bicks Do...Shakespeare

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Welcome to our final podcast episode for Twin Peaks: The Return. We’ve taken two weeks to parse the episode and our own feelings toward it, and we’ve managed to distill 14 days of late-night conversations and heated debate into 3 hours (!) for your listening pleasure -- hopefully, anyway.
We tackle the pros and cons of some of the biggest theories, discuss the things that resonated deeply with us, and get a little wistful and philosophical as we come to the end of this 11 month-long journey through Twin Peaks with you. (We also let you in on what’s next for The Bicks -- hint: we're not going anywhere!)
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David Auerbach,
Alex Fulton, Part 17/18 Simultaneous watch:
Lynchian Times, Finale & Vertigo:

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