Part 13 - What Story Is That Charlie?

08.09.2017 - By The Bicks Do...Shakespeare

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Part 13 - "What story is that, Charlie?"
With so many avenues left open to explore, Part 13 chooses to dwell in the lives of our favourite Twin Peaks residents as they circumnavigate the worlds in which they reside. Sarah seems stuck in a loop; similarly, Big Ed, Norma, and James circle back to their starting positions, as if the last twenty five years hadn't changed a thing. Meanwhile, Audrey remains trapped...where? And DougieCoop's amazing ability to avoid danger proves useful once again. It's a jam-packed Part, and so it's a jam-packed episode of Bickering Peaks!
Crazy Casino Music
Big Ed Reflection
WE WERE WRONG! Both Big Ed and Nadine are wearing rings. I guess we both need new glasses...

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