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120. Partnering with Horses to Heal Complex Trauma with Robert Goodland

10.10.2022 - By Katie AllenPlay

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Let's talk about recovering from complex trauma - addiction, sexual assault, and PTSD - with a twist.

Today I am chatting with Robert Goodland about his story of learning to love and accept all the different parts of himself and his past. Hearing how one person can overcome so much and create a beautiful life dedicated to uplifting others is truly inspirational.

Working with horses has been an integral part of Roberts' healing journey, and it's something he enthusiastically shares.

Let's talk about learning to shine your flashlight with intention, how to see that things are happening for you instead of to you, and how to begin your journey of healing from trauma.


Robert Goodland is a retired firefighter-paramedic and the founder of The Heart Of A Horse LLC. He is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach practitioner living in rural Wisconsin in the United States.

Together with his equine partners, he uses his decades of work as a first responder, combined with his own personal traumas to help people along their own healing journeys. Robert is a childhood sexual assault survivor and was diagnosed with PTSD following a work-related near drowning.

Before becoming a coach, his love of horses led him to become a horsemanship instructor, assisting people to form deeper, more meaningful relationships with their own equine partners.


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