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15. Sales strategy with Paul Bongers

Our guest on the Leadership Podcast this week is Paul Bongers

Paul is a strategist who works with marketing and content technology businesses. He has been a sales leader, and also has experience working in post-sales, strategic partnerships and product development. His roles require him to coordinate cross-departmental projects. He is a "technologist" and a "generalist", currently working as VP Strategy at Acrolinx.

Paul is a brilliant lateral thinker who can see opportunity in even the most challenging situations with an uncanny ability to turn these thoughts into fast-pouncing action that really gets results.

Paul is a really energetic and creative team player who enjoys translating complex technical propositions into solutions with tangible business benefits. He is also great fun!

Thank you, Paul for a fascinating insight into what makes a great sales leader.

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Sales Code Leadership PodcastBy Kevin Thiele