06.30.2019 - By Private Practice Podcast

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You're into what now? What on earth would your father think of you?! This week we look at perversion as deviation from a biological or societal predominance, and how this informs personal development, opening up the very deep hole into which harmless but also abusive deviations fall equally. We introduce a theoretical view of a fist-full of perversions, but fuller penetration is achieved with our own lived experiences.

We discuss:

The age of consent in different societies.
The difference between societal and biological conditions which create minorities.
Forming an identity as a member of a minority group.
Demonising perversions and the consequences of misleading correlation.
The parental super-ego and what it thinks about your filthy life…
Children (and James) and their obsessions with bodily functions and genitalia.
The shocking discovery that Elton John is gay!

Originally based on 'Perversion' by Claire Pajaczkowska, but subsequently this episode was re-recorded a year later and the emphasis changed to ideas about forming identity within minority groups, which, as you will hear, leaves Dan with more thoughts at the end than when we started.

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