333: Pesky Human Issues

07.04.2019 - By Accidental Tech Podcast

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Expansion Slot Utility
PCI Express

Jony Ive leaves Apple
Clockwise #301: My Vulcan Mind
Ben Thompson's piece
ATP #120: One Magical Wire
Wall Street Journal on Ive's Departure
Jony Ive's Christmas Tree
The Talk Show #256: 'A Bit Too Thin', with Special Guest Ben Thompson
Dieter Rams
Gruber last week and this week
Evans Hankey & Alan Dye
May-Li Khoe's tweet
Love, Death, & Robots ("Zima Blue" is the episode mentioned)

How does the Overcast recommendation engine work? (via Markus Ernst)
What's the best way to enter "the zone" while programming? (via Paul Wood III)
What happens to Overcast/Vignette/ATP/etc when we pass? (via Leon Zandman)
Independence #55: The Single Point of Failure

Post-show: John's Rubbermaid #1971 spatula

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