Philthy Talk #2 - Mario Miner Jr.

05.24.2019 - By Waste Radio

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Mario Miner is one cool dude. He makes guitar amps out of ammo cans, grenade canisters & cow skulls, and he makes some rad distortion pedals. And he has a band that kicks ass! Phil and Mario talk about Mario's history growing up near the Fort Belknap Reservation and how that informs the work he does in a DIY mode. They also talk about The Reddmen, the blues, substance abuse, and they mess around with some of Mario's homemade music gear.
Check out @miner_glitch_electronics on Insta or FB and catch Mario's band As The Crow Flies on Bandcamp or at this year's Julia Louis Dreyfest in August! For photos of the dope Miner Glitch stuff we talk about visit
Show Notes 
Music: "HYSMB" by As The Crow Flies, from their album The Murder.
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Podcast produced by Phillip Griffin. Graphic by Cooper Malin.
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