9/11/2016 Planet Weird's Dana and Greg Newkirk

09.14.2016 - By Beyond The Edge Radio

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After rescheduling from July, we are happy to welcome the Mulder and Scully of the Paranormal world Greg and Dana Newkirk to the show this week. In the first half hour, we'll have our usual announcements and paranormal news then at 8:30, Eric and Marie welcome Paranormal Investigative husband and wife duo Greg and Dana Newkirk. Greg and Dana will be with us to share their adventures as they travel across the country with their "Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult." We'lll talk with Dana and Greg about their interest and investigations into all things supernatural and unexplained as they will share stories with us from "Planet Weird" and more. So join us this week as we welcome Greg and Dana, who have been called the real life "Mulder and Scully" this week on BTE Radio.
About Dana and Greg:

Dana is a writer, researcher,of the anomalistic and occult, True believer, Journalist, ghost story enthusiast, and paranormal TV junkie, Dana has been actively investigating the strange and the anomalous for well over 15 years. And yes, after all this time, she’s still scared of ghosts.

If you’re Canadian, you might recognize Dana as a cast member on SPACE’s internationally syndicated series The Girly Ghosthunters, though she’d probably prefer it if you didn’t. Dana spent her formative years tracking down the unexplained with the Kitchener Waterloo Paranormal Research Society, a hobby that led her to write about the fringe on a regular basis. Dana is currently flexing her journalistic muscle as a senior staff writer at Roadtrippers where she’s carved out a considerable niche in the wild and wonderful world of offbeat travel.

Her writing has been featured in local and national news outlets across the county, as well as Nerdist, io9, Jezebel, Mary Sue, Dread Central, Kotaku, and other great publications both in print and online. When she’s not recounting tales of supernatural showdowns or penning articles about the world’s creepiest locales, she acts as a producer, writer, host, and assistant editor for Engaging the Strange.

Greg is a writer, investigative filmaker, somewhat rugger paranormal adventurer. Greg is terrified of space aliens. It’s a fear he blames on being given the Time Life Mysteries book The UFO Phenomenon at 7 years old. While he may have endured nightmares involving the “Tomato Man” during his youth, it was that very book that caused him to ponder the nature of the unexplained. That, and a steady diet of the X-Files.

By day, Greg is busy pointing adventurous road warriors toward the world’s weirdest destinations as the face of video content and weird travel expert for Roadtrippers, the fastest growing travel website in the world. He also acts as the Editor-In-Chief for the Week in Weird, an online magazine about all things out of the ordinary. Greg’s writing is regularly featured both in print and online in publications like Yahoo! News, Gizmodo, and Coast to Coast AM, as well as in local and national news networks across the country.

By night, Greg tracks down and investigates cases of the anomalous, the paranormal, and the occult, and it’s this research that has had him criss-crossing the continent for nearly two decades in search of monsters, mysteries, and magick. In that time he’s tackled cases of encounters with mine-dwelling extraterrestrial “goblins”, witnessed the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights, drank questionable liquids with real vampires, and had books thrown at him by a poltergeist trapped in a church.

In addition to researching, investigating, and writing about the paranormal, Greg has appeared on and acted as a consultant for numerous television productions on the subject of the strange, including projects that have aired on A&E, Destination America, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel. In 2011, Greg directed and edited the award-winning documentary The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching, a film that follows an ex-military monster hunter as he treks deep into t(continued)

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