Poker in the Ears

By PokerStars

What's Poker in the Ears about?

Every week, the hosts of PokerStars TV (James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton) bring you a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like being two regular folks on the international poker circuit. Told from the perspective of a cranky British dad (Hartigan) and an undateable American bachelor (Stapes), Poker in the Ears is a mostly uncensored take on the world of professional poker. The hosts also regularly call in favours, in the form of guest spots from their big-shot celebrity poker-playing friends. And they routinely hold on-air competitions, providing chances for listeners to join them on tour.

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286. Steve Preiss (VP, Poke...


Big things are happening in the USA. The inaugural #NACOOP has been a huge success. Maria Konnikova, author of 'The Biggest Bluff', is returning as an ambassador. The North American Poker Tour is coming back after more than a decade. ...

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