POP 217 - Betrayal Trauma with MJ Denis - Part 2

03.24.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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MJ Denis is a specialist in the area of Betrayal Trauma... with the following credentials: LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor LMFT – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist AASECT Certified Sex Therapist APSAT Certified Partner Trauma Specialist MJ's path has led her to specialize in areas involving sexual dysfunction, sexual betrayal, intimacy discrepancies and desire disorders. Her experience includes working as a mental health counselor, as an emergency hotline advocate, counseling patients experiencing sexual dysfunction, and helping individuals and couples work through the pain of betrayal, infidelity, and sex addiction for the Affair Recovery Center. MJ combines her experience as a sex therapist with her passion for helping couples learn to experience satisfying and healthy sexual relationships with their partners. As a Partner Trauma Specialist, she helps sex addicts and their partners learn about healthy sexuality and how to create intimacy in their relationships. MJ is trained in both ETT and EMDR. In this interview Tony and MJ discuss what Betrayal Trauma is... what it looks like... how it effects peoples... its profound implications... and what it takes to experience true and lasting healing. Tony wanted to interview MJ Denis for 2 primary reasons: (1) To inspire hope for those who are struggling with Betrayal Trauma... that genuine healing truly in possible. (2) To help us all understand the profound implications of Betrayal Trauma... in the hope that such understanding will help us to never perpetrate such trauma within the context of our own relationship.  

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