011: Pop For Politics Creating a Political Brand with Music

10.26.2016 - By Pitching PR

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On today’s episode, my guest Lorna Freeman and I discuss the strategic role music can play in public affairs. Lorna is an Account Director at Environics Communications in Toronto, working in branding strategy and has incorporated music in her campaigns for years. Music and song has been used strategically in US presidential elections since the campaign of John Adams in 1800. Using music effectively can be a great PR tactic, but using it incorrectly can backfire and even cause legal issues. Join us as we discuss the relationship between music and PR, both historically and today.   Topics:   Lorna’s background and love of music  Music as a marketing tool  Pros and cons of original compositions vs. popular music   Best practices of political campaigns using music  Music as political protest  Wrong Notes: Poor song choices in politics  Licensing in US and Canada  Artist endorsement and PR   Resources:    Lorna Freeman   Environics Communications  Pitching PR Mainpage    Pitch Graphic Design on Instagram    Pitching PR on iTunes    Quotes:     “Using a song intentionally, and NOT using a song intentionally, has meaning.” - Lesley Luce   “The way people are reacting to you and the music, becomes part of the news cycle.” - Lorna Freeman   “Artists deserve to be compensated” - Lesley Luce 

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