POP 268 - I Worshiped Sex with Rollie - Part 1

03.16.2021 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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Rollie's mother died when he was just a young boy. He soon discovered masturbation... and he learned to comfort himself with this activity. It would become a habit that was deeply embedded in his life... and it would eventually lead to a powerful sexual addiction that would control him for many years to come. Although he didn't understand what he was doing at the time... he would eventually realize that his sexual addiction was rooted in the tragic story of that young boy's heart and life. Over the years his sexual addiction compelled Rollie to act out in many increasing ways... including compulsive masturbation... pornography... the use of prostitutes... and having sex with literally hundreds of women. After living for over 50 years without God... and serving the false idol of sex... Rollie knew that he had a gaping black hole in the middle of his soul... and one day he literally fell on his knees in his bedroom... crying out for God to save him. God came into Rollie's life on that day in a dramatic and powerful way... and he quickly realized that if he was going to be a God follower... he could no longer do sex the way he had been doing sex for so long. What would it mean for Rollie to bring his sexual gift under the authority of God... and for Rollie to do sex God's way... instead of Rollie's way? Hear the amazing story of Rollie's metamorphose from his old self... to the new self. Along the way Rollie has developed his own "battle plan" that helps him to avoid confronting sexual temptation... and his own "escape plan" that allows him to avoid acting out when he is confronted by sexual temptation. Rollie has only been with God for a short time in his life... but it's amazing how far he's come in his walk of sexual purity. Listen to Rollie's story... and you will be blessed!   

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