Portuguese Lab Podcast | Learn European Portuguese

By Susana Morais

What's Portuguese Lab Podcast | Learn European Portuguese about?

The Portuguese Lab is your one-stop Podcast to learn Portuguese (the European kind!). The podcast episodes allow you to practice your Portuguese, especially listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking. Episodes 01 to 77 are for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Episodes from 77 onwards are for intermediate and advanced learners. The episodes are great if you want to practice what you have already learned before, or if you want to use it as extra practice while you are simultaneously taking a course. You can access the related resources for each episode (transcript, translation, exercises) here: www.portugueselab.com/subscribe

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Everyday Portuguese express...


Today’s expression is achar piada a. This expression can mean that you find something funny (Eu achei piada ao comediante) but in the following dialogue it means, to like something.

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