Preview: Ask Sarah Episode #007 — My Apple Trick To Build Healthier Habits

05.28.2020 - By Startup Parent

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How do you make space for healthier habits when you’re exhausted by family and work? That's the question I got on this next episode of Ask Sarah, our bonus podcast that goes out to everyone who supports us on Patreon. Not yet a backer? Help grow and back this podcast at $7/month and get exclusive access to the monthly series where I answer any and all of your questions. 
In this episode, I talk about why the structural and systemic problems affect us all, and why I get so frustrated when people talk about “having more hustle” or “willpower” as a way to get things done. But more than that, I talk about a strategy I use (my “eat an apple” strategy) that is effective, simple, and kind. At the root? Love. Listen in.
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Plus, I’ll share my catalog of resources I’ve used to improve my listening and discernment skills. From FBI negotiator Chris Voss to master interviewer Krista Tippett, I’ve collected some of my favorite books, quotes, and resources to help guide you on this journey, should you so desire. Listen in to hear the resources I’ve used and the processes I love that help you connect more deeply, listen more wisely, and heal thoughtfully by listening better to each other.
This is a teaser of what we talk about and why we have a bonus podcast series. Enjoy!
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