Productionized Machine Learning Engineers featuring Laszlo Sragner - ML 037

07.13.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Laszlo Sragner joins the adventure to discuss how to make your machine learning approach production ready. The discussion ranges through code quality and how to build and manage your models to keep them production ready and delivering the outcomes you're looking for.


Ben Wilson
Charles Max Wood
Francois Bertrand


Laszlo Sragner


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Laszlo's Newsletter
How to solve Machine Learning problems for production? (Part 1)
How to solve Machine Learning problems for production? (Part 2)
Need for Speed: Why High Quality Code Matters in Data Science
LinkedIn: Laszlo Sragner


Ben- Laszlo's Newsletter

Charles- The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Charles- Atlas Shrugged

Charles- Oathbringer

Charles- Strava

Francois- Audible

Laszlo- Software Engineering at Google

Laszlo- Move Fast and Break Things

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GitHub | BenWilson2/ML-Engineering
GitHub | databrickslabs/automl-toolkit
LinkedIn: Benjamin Wilson

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Twitter: ( @devchattv )

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Francois Bertrand
GitHub | fbdesignpro/sweetviz

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