Ep 665 | Progressives Have Sold Rural America to Drug Lords | Guest: Jorge Ventura

08.03.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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Is America being run by drug lords? Jorge Ventura, field reporter at the Daily Caller, joins the podcast to discuss how progressives sold out rural towns to foreign drug lords. Make sure to support independent journalist like Jorge and visit http://narcofornia.com. Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan, defying China’s order for her not to visit Taiwan. Do you support Nancy’s visit? The border invasion continues, as illegal migrants keep crossing the border and the Mexican government is not enforcing the agreement. Texas Governor Abbott invites sanctuary city mayors to see the border crisis up close and personal. The queen of pop, Beyonce, is about to get canceled after one of her songs says, “Spazzin’ on that ass, spaz on that ass,” and according to the woke mob, that’s an “ableist slur.” America is heading into a dark road if we don't address the crime in our cities and how fatherlessness plays a role in crime.
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