008 Race and Ethnicity Equity in the PR Industry with Barbara Philips

01.07.2021 - By The Elephant in the Room

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My guest on the 8th episode of the is Barbara Phillips, Chair of the Race and Ethnicity Board(REEB). REEB was set up last year by the PRCA in response to Black Lives Matter(BLM) to address issues of racial inequality within our Industry. Her ambition is to ensure that black, asian and ethnic minority talent in the industry are able to flourish and thrive in their career. She is razor focused on REEB Terms of Reference having already delivered guidelines on the Ethnicity Pay Gap, and is working through the ‘to do’ list with military precision - aiming for maximum impact. BLM brought the ‘R’ word into our living rooms and back into the boardroom. Barbara is determined to keep it on the table for as long as it takes to achieve equity and equality.
In this episode we speak about her love for English language and writing, her role as the Chair of REEB and the priorities for REEB

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