Race-Based Medicine is Bad Medicine

10.20.2020 - By Genotypecast with Grey Genetics

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Elizabeth Fieg, MS, CGC expands on her recent Twitter thread, discussing the problems with using categories of race and ancestry to guide test selection in pharmacogenomics and more broadly in medical genetics. She explains how a broader approach to testing is more equitable and can also be more cost-effective.

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Yudell M, et al. “NIH must confront the use of race in science.” Science  11 Sep 2020: Vol. 369, Issue 6509, pp. 1313-1314
Vyas DA, et al. “Hidden in Plain Sight — Reconsidering the Use of Race Correction in Clinical Algorithms.” August 27, 2020. New England Journal of Medicine. 2020; 383:874-882

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