Rachael Burks on Skiing & Shakespeare & Sweatpants & More

11.04.2019 - By BLISTER Podcast

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Fact: we all need to strive to be more like Rachael Burks. Rachael is known for skiing burly lines and her signature backflip, but she is also known for her boundless enthusiasm — and in this conversation, that enthusiasm is on full display. Rachael and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss skiing and Shakespeare; her spot-on impression of Julian Carr; podiuming in a comp on rental skis; her best ski season ever; her abiding love of sweatpants, Star Wars, fantasy novels, Red Bull Rampage, and more.  TOPICS & TIMES:Oxford, Shakespeare, & Dirty Sandwiches (2:53)Breaking into the ski industry (9:30)Learning to backflip with Julian Carr (17:10)Competing on rental skis (19:56)Rachael’s best ski season ever (23:42)GREENland Expedition (26:52)Fantasy & Star Wars & Sparkles (32:10)Why Rachael loves Red Bull Rampage (44:10)More books & music (49:32) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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