Rambling about Greek Mythology

By Nikhil Ranjan

What's Rambling about Greek Mythology about?

A fun, informal podcast, where I intend to share my knowledge of Greek mythology with everyone.

The books I am citing from, besides original works which will have their own episodes, are: "Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece" by Edward E. Barthell Jr., "Meridian Handbook of Classical Mythology" by Edward Tripp, and "Dictionary of Classical Mythology" by Pierre Grimal.

Intro and Outro music done by my friend Payton Wilhite.

**Warning, this is more content heavy than analysis heavy and will contain language regarding sexual assault and violence**

Contact: [email protected]

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Episode 10: Ares (Part 2)


In this episode, I talk about all the famous stories Ares is involved in.

Rambling about Greek Mythology episodes: