Rebel Human Resources Podcast

By Kyle Roed, The HR Guy

What's Rebel Human Resources Podcast about?

Do you still manage people with processes from 40 years ago? Most likely, the answer is yes. The "HR Guy", Kyle Roed will cover topics with other HR pros disrupting the world of work. Human Resources is one of the most dynamic areas in an organization. This podcast covers topics ranging from managing performance, building culture, and driving business results through others. We will answer questions like: How has HR evolved, How does HR add value, and what if HR isn't working? The world is changing, and those who aren't bucking the trends won't win.

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Episode 42: Gurpreet Kaur M...


Join Kyle for part 2 of his conversation with the HR Superhero, Gurpreet Kaur Mann. Gurpreet and Kyle dive into the real-world HR challenges, and talk about transitioning from an operations role into HR. About Gurpreet: I Help SMBs Attract ...

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