Renos and Demos -Episode 3

08.30.2014 - By Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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EatKS Renos and Demos no. 3
Yes folks. It’s that time to assault your ears with another Reno and Demo edition of Everything and the Kitchen Sink. This one originally aired December 12th 2012. I gotta say I am very thankful I don’t have to do two hour fuckin slots anymore. Holy shit my shows were fucking long! Can you imagine me talking and track listing? I must have bored the listeners to tears!
If you listen carefully there’s a skip on a track, maybe two. I couldn’t fix it, so I kept the fumbling in there. While I thought I was pretty damn clever of keeping the recordings of the actual live shows, I never made a playlist. I have to say this is a good way to keep me on my toes in “name that tune” trivia. (Not really) What the hell was played? Your guess is as good as mine ;-)
1. David Bowie – Jean Genie
2. Elvis Costello - Dust..2
3. The Cramps – It Thang Hard On
4. East End Radicals –Carry On
5. The Copyrights – Current Event
6. Crass – The Immortal Death
7. Guitar Wolf – Taxi Driver
8. Suture –Falling
9. Mudhoney – Who Is Who
10. St.Alvia – The Commute
11. The Enemy – You’re Not Alone
12. The Flys – Love and a Molotov Cocktail
13. The Corin Tucker Band – I Don’t Wanna Go
14. The Black Keys – I Got Mine
15. Wreckless Eric – The Whole Wide World
16. Billy Bragg – To Have and To Have Not
17. The Charltans – Time For Livin’
18. Gotye – Coming Back
19. The Phantoms – The Equalizer
20. Dubmatix – Burning Fire Dub
21. The Clash – Are You Ready For War
22. The Clash – The Last Gang In Town
23. The 101ers –Motor Boys Motor
24. Dirty Revolution – Dirty Revolution
25. King Apparatus –Hospital Waiting Room
26. The Barrymores – By The Way I’m Not Your Girl
27. The Jellycats – When I Do
28. X-Ray Spex – I Can’t Do Anything
29. It’s indie band. hey indie bands label your music eh?
30. Stiff Little Fingers – Fly The Flag
31. The Shindys – Know About It
32. The Bruised Arcade – Calling You
33. The End Tree – Where Is She

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