Retro Domination Podcast Episode 108 - The Cream of the Crop

11.22.2017 - By Retro Domination Podcast

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We are back with episode 108 of the Retro Domination podcast! Firstly, an announcement: After 5 years and 107 episodes, we are both happy & sad to announce that this episode is the second to last episode of the podcast and that our final episode will be episode 109 and will be recorded and released in December, 2017.
We’re happy because as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and we believe the time is right for us to end the show on a high and, most importantly, on our terms. We are obviously saddened because it always sucks to put an end to something you have created and that people have actually enjoyed, and it’s always disappointing knowing that you may be letting those people that have stuck by you down. For this we apologise and we hope that you all will understand (and we’ll have more to say next episode).
So with that mind, the team goes hand in hand down that wonderful road known as ‘Nostalgia’ as we look back fondly upon those things that have brought us pure joy throughout our lives. We talk video games, music, concerts, cartoons, wrestling, movies and pretty much anything & everything as we put on our favourite pair of rose coloured glasses! So we hope that you'll tune in, put your feet up and join us for the second to last episode of the Retro Domination podcast!
We’ll see you next episode for one last go around!
Show Notes:
Thank you as always to our sponsor Bartronica!
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