Returning From Your Journey: Symbolism, Integration and Application

06.29.2020 - By Adventures in Truth Podcast

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To Journey with Plant Based Medicines is a powerful opportunity to dive deep into who we are, why we are here and what are we here to learn? Dr. Jeff and Jim welcome Paul Diamond back to the show. Paul is a Shaman and Ayahuascero joining is from his Center in Peru.

Together we are exploring what happens when we return from a Journey. What are the best approaches for interpreting what is experienced? How can it be best integrated into our experience? Returning from a Journey feels different for everyone, and we all process differently, and the experience is highly individuated, so what does mine mean to me?

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About Paul:

Paul is an initiate in a wide variety of mystical and spiritual traditions. For over twenty years, he has been meeting and studying with spiritual masters from across the world.

He has been initiated into the Ayahuasca tradition by the legendary shaman Peter Aziz of England, by Don Agustin Rivas of Peru and by Don Lucio Panduro of Peru. He is also an initiate in the Mongolian Buryat Shamanic tradition, is a fully trained Houngan in the Haitian Voudon tradition, has been initated into the Nepalese Shamanic tradition as a Bon Jhankri and Phurba priest. He has also been initiated into various streams of Tantric, Yogic, Taoist and Sufi mysticism and is currently training to be a Daoist Priest in the Zheng Yi Lineage

Paul is also a fully trained Acupuncturist, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and internal martial arts instructor, as well as a fully trained massage therapist and teacher in the Thai Massage tradition.

He holds three degrees, including a bachelors in the study of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and a Masters degree in The Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience from Canterbury University, England.

Following his shamanic path, Paul was called to work in the service of the Goddess Kali, who remains his main guide, teacher and master.

Please check out Paul's amazing work- both plant medicine based and non-medicine modalities. He has been teaching and guiding for decades. His skill set is extraordinary. His skills are highly complimented by the breathtaking depth of his knowledge- truly a Master.

Check out his website for all he has to offer in Peru:


Email: [email protected]

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