RGTM - Episode 8 - Doom

10.26.2020 - By Retro Game Time Machine

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Come on a journey to 1993 where we discuss Doom. We talk history, impressions, and experiences with the game. Grab your mouse and keyboard, or controller, and hop in the (NEW) time machine with us! Since we're traveling time, we're also talking about recent gaming news, and games we've been playing. Check out below to see what we talked about.

A janky ghost game is blowing up on Twitch

Sega offers 4 free PC games, including a Yakuza-Streets of Rage mashup

Analogue’s next sleek retro console targets the TurboGrafx family

Sony confirms the new PlayStation Store won’t let you buy PS3, PSP and Vita games outside those consoles

New Mario Cafe & Store open at Universal Studios Japan

Fortnite on PC is now over 60GB smaller, thanks to Epic optimization

Rapper Logic Buys Pokemon Card For Over $220,000

Harmonix Confirms Rock Band 4, All DLC Will Work on Next-Gen Consoles

Xbox chief hints at TV streaming sticks for xCloud

Nintendo is dropping the price of replacement single Joy-Con controller halves to $40

What we’ve been playing

Among Us - Mobile

Fall Guys - PC

Overwatch - PC (also tried streaming to phone from Xbox)

Rock Band 3 - Xbox 360

Star Wars: Squadrons - PS4

Streets of Rage 4 - Nintendo Switch

Streets of Kamurocho - PC

Half-Life: Alyx - PC

MLB The Show 19 - PS4

Daytona USA - Sega Saturn


Fall Guys - PC

Overwatch - PC

Among Us - PC

World of Warcraft - PC

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - Wii U

Mash will be participating in the Extra Life game day on November 7th. This means he’ll be streaming games for a chunk of the day to fundraise for the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Children’s hospitals have lost, on average, $67 million each month during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s help ensure all kids have quality healthcare when they need it. You can learn how local children's hospitals are being impacted by COVID-19 at kidscantwait.org. He’ll be joining thousands of others that will be fundraising for their local hospitals, and his goal is to raise $1,000. If you’d like to contribute, you can do so at https://extra-life.org/participant/MashTheNewton.

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