RGTM - Episode 29 - Kirby's Adventure

08.30.2021 - By Retro Game Time Machine

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Join us this episode as we travel back in time to 1993 for the release of Kirby's Adventure for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We also talk about recent gaming news, and the other games we've played in the past two weeks. Check below to see what news we covered and the games we played.

Zany 8-bit sports mashup Super Slam Dunk Touchdown launching on Xbox One
Xbox Game Pass adds 3 Quake games, including the new remaster
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming comes to Xbox consoles this holiday
April O’Neil will kick ass in the new Ninja Turtles beat-’em-up
There’s finally a new Densha de Go! train controller, and it’s awesome

What we’ve been playing

Rock Band 4 - Xbox One
Dirt 5 - Xbox One/PC
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Xbox One
Art of Rally - Xbox One
Hades - Xbox One
Twelve  Minutes - PC
Deep Rock Galactic - Xbox One/PC
Xeno Crisis - Xbox One
Rock Band 3 keys - Xbox 360
Demon’s Tilt - Nintendo Switch


Skyward Sword HD - Switch
Deep Rock Galactic - PC
The Sims 4 - Xbox One
Psychonauts 2 - PC


Kirby's Adventure Soundtrack

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