RGTM - Episode 1 - Super Mario Kart

07.20.2020 - By Retro Game Time Machine

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Come along for a ride in the time machine with MashTheNewton and AndyTheAndroid in our first episode as we discuss Super Mario Kart for the SNES. Since we're traveling time, we're also talking about recent gaming news, and games we've been playing. Check out below to see what we talked about.

Terraonion MODE shipping! 
New Brook adapter for DC/Saturn (just arrivde!)
All Xbox One games expected to work on Series X day one (sorry kinect)
Lego NES coming on 8/1
Project X Cloud officially part of XGP Ultimate, coming September
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is on 10 DVDs!
HL Alyx Modders remaking Goldeneye
Black Manta arrives in Fortnite!
Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding PC, and Paper Mario Origami King with releases this week

What We've Been Playing
Daytona USA - Saturn/Dreamcast
Persona 5 - PS4/Vita remote play
Animal Crossing - Switch
Super Mario Kart - SNES/Switch
Streets of Rage 4 - XONE
Mud Runner - XONE
Overwatch - PC
Soul Calibur - Dreamcast
American Truck Simulator - PC
Super Mario World - Switch

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