6 Rules Only Rich People Know

04.30.2021 - By Real Estate Coaching Radio

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Rule 1
Rich is where your money works for you and you no longer have to work for your money.
PASSIVE income sources: Rentals, Revenue Share, Securities etc.
Rule 2
NO ONE...not even your MOMMA wants you to be rich.
Society wants you to be dependent on govt, schools, social security, a job, being a life long debt slave...the system can only exist if people believe they can't be free. (maybe that is one of the reasons 'the system' wants you to believe that rich = evil.)
True freedom only comes from being rich. Financially rich.
- Do your friends what you to be rich? No, why.
- Does your preacher, pastor, Rabbi want you to be rich? No, (unless you are giving them money.)
- Do SCHOOLS want you to be rich? No, why. Schools are filled with people who work there because they wanted a sense of security. Schools teach you to be dependent.
- Does the GOVT want you to be rich? No, because if you are rich the govt has less ability to control you because you aren't dependent on them. You are INDEPENDENT which is (historically speaking) a threat to govt.
Does your BROKER want you to be rich and free? If you were rich what value would you have to him/ her?
Do YOU want to be rich and free? Have you ever known anyone who was...do you even believe its possible? Have you ever thought deeply about what it would feel like if you never had to worry about lack of money again?

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