RZIM: Thinking Out Loud Broadcasts

By Ravi Zacharias

What's RZIM: Thinking Out Loud Broadcasts about?

Thinking Out Loud is a weekly podcast for Christians who want to welcome difficult conversations. Tailored to help listeners bring wisdom and clarity to current events by discussing them through the lens of the gospel, this podcast engages directly with the trends and headlines that are capturing the public imagination and sparking conversations around the country. Each week, Nathan Rittenhouse and Cameron McAllister will discuss these timely issues and draw from their experience as frontline apologists to show how Scripture addresses all of our most pressing cultural concerns.

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A Discussion About Home Fro...


What distinguishes a home from a mere physical shelter? And why do so many of us long to escape our homes? Since COVID-19 continues to keep many of us confined to the places we live, Nathan and Cameron discuss how ...

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