S2E19 - Episode 19

06.25.2021 - By Interference

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Jacq and Geneva begin their life together on Chel.
CW: Alcohol

Geneva is played by Hazel Stapp (@hazel_da_basil)
Jacq is played by Therin Stapp (@explosiverunes)
Claire is played by Sheila Morris (@SheilaMorris19)
Damien is played by Oakley Cannon (@BeachLich)
Elise is played by Megan Scharlau (@Tabletop_Megan)
Jenn was played by Sara T (@sarafantastic92)
Julian was played by Erin Kyan (@erinkyan)
Leopold was played by Lee Davis-Thalbourne (@passerkirbius)
Carithell was played by Max Kasperek (@Esoteric90sIP)

Other Credits
Theme: Please Listen Carefully by Jahzzar
Sound effects from hoerspielwerkstatt, alukahn, hdm2013, ramon-di-pasquale, hermanusamarais, samararaine, pan14, and kellieskitchen on freesound.org
Thank you all for joining us on this journey!

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