Sarah Lightman, Singer-songwriter/Recording Artist

09.30.2019 - By Spoken Dreams

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Sarah Lightman is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from the small town of Hightstown, New Jersey. She grew up in a family of artists and musicians. Naturally Sarah wanted to follow a similar path, but didn’t quite know exactly where she fit in. She started with music, but then would later abandon the craft to pursue a career in acting. Eventually, Sarah moved to Los Angeles, where she struggled to make friends and find her place in the city.Over time, however, Sarah slowly began to find “her people”—it started with co-workers and then evolved to include like-minded creatives. Sarah’s friends all kept telling her the same thing, “Why are you in L.A. trying to become an actor? You should be doing music!” With some tentativeness, Sarah started doing more with her music, and she fell in love it again. Now Sarah is thriving as a singer-songwriter and recording artist not just making music, but making music with a purpose.

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