Sardonicast #72: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Grave of the Fireflies

11.02.2020 - By Sardonicast

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0:00 - Intro

1:00 - Quibi shuts down

6:20 - Borat Subsequent Movie Film

34:25 - Armond White article

41:30 - Jared Leto is back as Joker on Snyder Cut

51:50 - Grave of the Fireflies

1:20:20 - Q&A;

1:20:35 - Do you guys still enjoy going to movie stores and picking out movies for your collection?

1:28:08 - Who are the best movie characters named Ralph, Adam, and Alex?

1:31:55 - From a visual standpoint, what are some films you would consider to be the ugliest?

1:35:46 - What are you guys been watching lately?

1:40:44 - Is it fundamentally imposible for a live-action adaptation/remake of an animated film to be good?

1:45:10 - Quick Fire Round

Ralph's Recommendation: Tokyo Story (1953)

(Timestamps by christian larson)

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