Episode 189 - School Zones, Carbon Emissions, and When life Begins

08.05.2019 - By Ask Science Mike

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Here's the questions from this week's show, along with additional resources.
When does life begin according to science?
Pro-life, Pro-choice (Re-Release) with Rachel Held Evans
Will planting 1 trillion trees stop climate change?
Massive Forest Restoration Could Greatly Slow Global Warming
A Model Too Far?: The global tree restoration potential, Bastin et al. paper in Science
How do I avoid being racist in deciding where to live when the best schools for my kids all exist within very white neighborhoods?
Study: When Looking For and Buying a House, Racia l Inequality and Discrimination Compound
The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White.
Time for justice: Tackling race inequalities in health and housing
How do I know what is and is not sexual abuse?
Books on Recovering from Sexual Abuse
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