Ep. 147 - Scott and Becky Mackintosh - Parenting: From Short Shorts To Loving Boldly

08.10.2020 - By Latter Day Lives - Talking with Latter Day Saints

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Scott and Becky Mackintosh were first thrust in to the spotlight when Scott became a viral sensation as the "Short Shorts Dad" for wearing very short shorts to a family function as a loving message to his daughter. This lead to international fame. Years later, after one of their sons came out as gay, Becky found herself becoming more open about her experiences as a Latter-day Saint mother of an LGBTQ loved one. This led to scott learning difficult lessons and eventually finding peace and understanding with his son. As more people learned of their story, they began receiving mails and calls from other concerned parents of LGBTQ children as well as LGBTQ people themselves. This led to Becky writing the recently released bestseller, Love Boldly: Embracing Your LGBTQ Loved Ones and Your Faith. Scott and Becky are popular speakers, well known for their inspirational stories, honest approach and open heart. Their family story was shared in a popular video on the church website. Becky and Scott are funny, engaging, humble and have tremendous insight.

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